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Types of Progressives Jackpots  Online Casino asia

1. Wide-Area

Wide-area progressive jackpots are shared across a network of multiple casinos that offer games by the same software provider. All networked casinos feed into the jackpot pool, allowing the prizes to escalate to six or seven-digit amounts, sometimes even more.

2. Local

Local progressive jackpots are similar but accumulate across several games, more often slots, linked in a network within a single online casino.

3. Standalone

Standalone progressive jackpots offer more modest prizes since only bets made on a single online slot or casino game contribute to the jackpot pool. While not life-changing, the prizes are still worthwhile as they grow to four or five-figure amounts.

4. Boiling-Point

Boiling-point jackpots typically drop when the progressive prize shoots up to a specific predetermined amount. The Super Jackpot from the recently launched Hot Drop Jackpot series belongs to this category as it must trigger before it reaches $250,000.

5. Time-Based

Time-based progressive jackpots must trigger within a designated timeframe, usually once per hour or before the end of the day. Good examples include Red Tiger’s Hourly and Daily Must Drop Jackpots where the average prizes range from three to five-figure amounts.

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