Read our review of Mines Casino and Choose the best Online Casino

Read our review of Mines Game Casino and Choose the best Online Casino

Mines is a title that you have probably already come across in your online casino’s game library. It’s very popular at the moment, and takes the concept of Minesweeper and enhances it with some rather tempting winning opportunities. Are you looking for new entertainment to try? If so, read this full review of Mines to find out if it has what it takes to convince you to give it a go. Here we also reveal a wealth of useful information about the gameplay, the game variants available and some tips on how to play Mines for a better chance of profit.

What is Mines Casino?

Mines Casino falls into the category of mini-games. You may not know it, but “mini-games” means easy to play and easy to win for all types of players, experienced or beginner. The objective of this online casino title is to click on boxes to receive rewards. But be careful! Some boxes hide mines (explosives). If you select these, you will lose the game, along with the bet you placed. The more good results you get with your clicks, the bigger your payout will be. The goal is to find as many good boxes as possible.

What are the rules of the game Mines?

As explained above, the rules of Mines are simple: the player has to press on squares to find out whether or not they contain a star which means payment. If you are unlucky enough to come across a bomb, an explosion will occur, sounding the death knell for the current session. Each star you find is worth a payout, which you can cash out directly by pressing the Cash out button. You can also accumulate more payments by finding a certain number or all the stars, before clicking Cash out.

The Mines Casino game interface features a 5×5 grid format, which means there are a total of 25 clickable boxes. To start playing, the first action to perform is to place a bet. Depending on the casino as well as the version of the mine game chosen, the range of bets may vary. But generally speaking, it ranges from €0.10 to €100.

Once your bet is placed, you will also be able to set the level of risk by selecting the number of mines that should be hidden under the squares. By default, the game offers 3 hidden mines and therefore 22 stars to find. You can increase or decrease the number of mines, which is between 1 and 15. Of course, the more mines you select, the more interesting the winnings.

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