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Pros and Cons of Cashback Bonuses

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Like all things in life, cashbacks have both their advantages and disadvantages, although it is fair to say the former outnumber the latter. Players must carefully weigh both the pros and the cons before they decide to opt in for a cashback bonus at a given online casino. Let’s examine the pros first.

  • Pro #1 – Cashbacks are typically available on a consistent basis. Unlike welcome offers which each player can redeem only once, cashback offers are usually available on a weekly or monthly basis. Some casinos would even credit them automatically to eligible accounts, eliminating the need of opting in.
  • Pro #2 – Cashbacks enable you to partially recoup your losses after a bad losing streak. All players hate blowing their session bankrolls within a short span but this is where cashback bonuses come in handy. With its help, players will get back at least a portion of their losses. Even in cases where they only receive a 5% cashback, players are at least granted a second chance to score some wins.
  • Pro #3 – Cashbacks may increase proportionately to your loyalty level and activity. Cashback percentages sometimes exceed 20% when players climb to higher levels of the loyalty ladder. This makes this type of bonus the perfect option for customers who play consistently, especially if they do so for larger amounts.
  • Pro #4 – Cashbacks are a very uncomplicated type of bonus. Players are not required to do anything special to receive a cashback. More often than not, the only requirement is to opt in for the bonus by ticking off the designated box in the cashier while making a deposit. The casino will then credit you with the respective percentage of your losses automatically.

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