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Where to Find Live Dealer Craps net

Live craps is scarce at online casinos but it is not impossible to find.

The dice game debuted in the virtual realm toward the end of 2020 when the renowned software studio Evolution Gaming launched the first-ever live rendition of craps. The game offers several handy features to improve the gameplay and make things easier for rookies.


1. My Numbers

The My Numbers feature displays the numbers players need to win the round, along with the potential payouts.

2. Easy Mode

Easy Mode is available to novices looking to play fewer bet spots on a simplified layout grid.

3. Dynamic Statistics

The Dynamic Statistics feature keeps players up to date with the results of past dice rolls.

4. Tutorial

The Tutorial feature is pretty much self-explanatory as it gives you a walkthrough of the rules and the available bet types.

If Evolution Gaming’s rendition of live craps does not satiate your appetite for rolling the bones, you can easily get some action in other dice games like Sic Bo. Sic Bo tables are available at live casinos powered by Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Vivo Gaming, and Microgaming.

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