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What Does Max Bet Mines Games Ph Mean for Players?

What Does Max Bet Mines Games Ph Mean for Players?

It’s simple. If you’re playing with bonus cash, don’t play higher than the max bet defined in the offer’s terms. If it’s set at $6.50, don’t play a $7 spin. We know that sometimes it’s easy to get carried away when you suddenly have so much extra money to play with. It would however be a major bummer if you hit the jackpot, but then have your winnings confiscated because you missed the rule.

For most players, this isn’t a big deal. That’s because most casual players tend to play pretty low stakes, at $0.50 or $1 a spin to stretch out their budgets. So putting $5 on a spin is already pretty high stakes, relatively speaking. That means the max bet rule doesn’t affect most players, as long as you don’t get too carried away.

If you are the kind of player who treats casino promotions as a way to enjoy games and don’t have retirement plans based on your bonus winnings, then the rule is probably not going to affect you.

Max Bet and High Rollers

For high rollers, things get a bit trickier. It’s not uncommon to put down $10 for a single spin, which is obviously higher than the average max bet. In this case, you might want to consider using the bonus as a warm up before you get down for some real money gambling. If you want to make higher bets, then do that with real money, but not with the bonus.

Alternatively, we recommend picking up a high roller bonus. These tend to have a higher max bet and we’ve seen a few offers that have it set at $15. This would be more suitable for high rolling play.

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