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Online Casino to be a Smart Gambler knows that simply walking to a table and beginning to win big would appear a little odd. Casinos don’t mind that you master the skill of counting cards; they just don’t want you to do so on their property. That creates an interesting conundrum.

On the one hand, it’s not illegal to count cards, but on the other, a casino will simply ask card counters to either stop playing blackjack or leave the premises altogether.

That is why you must focus not just on mastering a game but also on having the composure and charismatic personality that is often associated with professional poker players.

Put your “poker face” as it were and make sure to keep your cool because things can get pretty heated if casinos catch wind that you may be beating the natural odds and disregarding probability by replacing it with expectation.

Video Poker
Card counting is probably the best way to make money from gambling. Then again, the practice entails some degree of risk, particularly insofar as casinos step in to remove you from the property. There are no guarantees that you would end up winning a lot of money before a casino catches up to what you are doing.

In the long run, though, and with a fair bit of focus, you can make the best out of your card-counting skill. However, there is another skill-based game that you can try right away. Video poker is a strange mix between live poker and slot machines.

As such, the game is played against a Random Number Generator (RNG), but unlike a slot, it offers a 99.60% in Return-to-Player (RTP) rate for the best versions. Video poker is one of the more consistent games where your bets are actually more likely to win.

There are good reasons to seek out video poker as the game you want to play. The theoretical return aside, many gamblers have written extensively about their success stories playing the game.

While there surely are some overreaching statements, video poker remains one of those casino games that can be mastered. Just like live poker, video poker is a way to make money in a casino because of the skill-based element that goes into it.

There is still an element of luck there, but if you play right in the long term, you should be able to beat the edge and make the odds work in your favor.

Please, keep in mind that not all gamblers make a mint playing video poker, and some are actually pretty unlucky at it, even though there is supposedly a natural advantage to favor the player!

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