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Start Playing now at Mines Games ph Online Casino

Start Playing now at Mines Games ph Online Casino

Before you start playing this work from one of the largest mini-game publishers on the market, we want to reveal some strategies for Mines. After hours of trials on the game, our specialists have managed to find some techniques to optimize your chances of winning on the game. Read our advice carefully.

Martingale Mines

As in roulette, you have the opportunity to implement the Martingale strategy on the Mines game. Our experts advise you to place 16 mines on the grid and always choose the same square. Place a fixed bet (for example $1), double when you lose and return to the initial bet if you win. By finding just one star, you get with this setup a x2.15 multiplier, which makes the Martingale strategy even more interesting than usual! We still recommend that you use this technique with caution, as the maximum betting limit is “only” $100.

Playing Automatically

To achieve the best results, many players use auto mode on Mines. It’s an excellent technique since you stay on the same squares each time and can persist in aiming for the multiplier you want. By placing smart bets of a maximum of 0.5% to 1% of your bankroll, and with a little luck, you can string together some wins and quickly reach your goals. If you are a more experienced player, don’t hesitate to configure the automatic mode more precisely by setting a stop loss or increasing your bet depending on the results. A Mines strategy that has proven profitable a number of times for our specialists.

Bankroll Management

Clearly, the best strategy on Mines is a technique used for most casino games. This consists simply of managing your bets with an iron fist and above all not to bet blindly based on your emotions. To do this, you need to allocate a specific budget for your gaming session and a profit target. Once you know these data, place bets of a maximum amount of 1% of your capital and play! With this, you have up to 100 rounds to win on Mines and you can stay in the game long enough to break the effect of variance. By managing your capital perfectly, you can sometimes achieve interesting winnings, but also by exiting at the right time, when you have reached your profit target on Mines!

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