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So What’s a High Roller Mines Games Ph Casino?

So What’s a High Roller Mines Games Ph Casino?

As mentioned, a high roller bonus is a deposit bonus. What makes it different is that it is tailored in its size to the habits of high rolling players. That means it is bigger than a standard bonus that “regular” players would receive.

At Betamo, High Rollers can claim a 50% Bonus up to 3,000C$

Whereas most standard welcome bonuses might let you claim up to $100 or maybe $200 worth of free chips, a high roller bonus can easily go into the thousands. $1,000 bonuses are typical at the high roller range, and sometimes it can even go up to a few grand. The terms may also involve a higher bet limit than the usual $5 per spin so that your appetite for risk won’t be held back.

Is a High Roller Bonus Right for Me?

There is however a small trade off. Although not always the case, the matching rate for high roller bonuses tend to be lower. For example, instead of a 100% bonus, it might be a 50% bonus instead. That means you need to fork out more cash up front before this kind of offer becomes worthwhile.

We’ll walk through the math together in the example below so you can learn to evaluate which offer is the right one for you.

Example: There are 2 bonuses. One is a regular bonus of 100% up to $100.The other is a high roller bonus of 50% up to $1,000.

  1. If you just have $100, then stay with the regular offer because you can’t claim more than what the regular bonus offers anyway.
  2. If you have $500 to spare, then:
    • The regular 100% bonus will give you only $100 extra, and not $500. That’s because the bonus is up to $100.
    • The 50% high roller bonus will give you 50% of $500, which means you get $250 extra.

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