Situations That Call for Early Surrender Mines Games Casino

Situations That Call for Early Surrender Mines Games Casino

Early surrender is so rare that many players have never even heard of it. Others are familiar with this move but mistakenly assume it is a bad play. A third group of blackjack players recognizes surrendering offers some value but is still averse to taking advantage of this option even when available.

With that said, you should never overdo it with this play. Surrendering is only a viable option when your starting hands puts you at a severe disadvantage against particularly strong dealer upcards. Some inexperienced players surrender more often than basic strategy recommends and end up losing a lot of money as a result.

It is worth mentioning that some of the basic strategy plays for early surrender differ from those for late surrender. Most of the differences concern weak hard totals against solid dealer upcards like aces and tens.

 Early Surrender in Multi-Deck Blackjack Games

 Early Surrender in Single-Deck Blackjack Games

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