Secrets of Playing Mines Game

Secrets of Playing Mines Game
Minesweeper is a game that has long entered the hall of fame of classic amusements. The game was first introduced to the general public as offline entertainment on the Windows operating system. Today, this harmless pastime has become a popular game of chance.

Over the years, mines has survived more than a hundred attempts to unravel its secret. Some have succeeded, but it is worth considering that it is impossible to cheat this game. But what is the difference between online casino Minesweeper and the classic game on Windows?

Features of the game algorithm
Like the classic Mines – his online reincarnation of gambling does not try to cheat the player. As in other crash games like Aviator, GetX, JetX and Plinko mechanics mines is built on a combination of logic and the illusion of chance.

Unlike classic slot machines called one-armed bandits – the mines has no backstory where he tries to cheat the players. All mines on the field are placed immediately after your first move and do not change their location.

Despite the use of the mechanics of the classic Minesweeper – in his gambling reincarnation of the features that came from the world of casinos. Multipliers and payoffs have never been part of the minesweeper simulator, but today they are the ones that determine your winnings in this albeit classic, but fascinating game.

Multiplier Formation
Multiplier is a feature inherent in online casinos. The essence of the multiplier is that at a certain point in the game, a player has the opportunity to increase his winnings. Thus, the gambling platform gives the player to raise the stakes and get an opportunity to further test their luck.

The principle of multiplier formation in online minesals depends on the platform and the imagination of the provider. Some casinos offer a multiplier after 3 or 5 lucky moves, while others give players a raise after opening 25%, 50% or 75% of the field. The amount of increase in winnings depends on the multiplier offered by the platform and is unique to each individual online platform.

The payout is how much money you can theoretically win back in a game. To find out your payout percentage for a particular game, use the data provided by the gaming platform itself. There are also dozens of services where RTP is calculated using the data provided by casinos + the personal experience of players.

The optimal rate of return for online casino gambling is 95%. Indicator at 90% is considered to be low while the rate of return of 99% admit almost ideal. Finding a project with high rates of return is not easy, but devoting enough time to this process you can find a platform with optimal RTP rate.

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