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Roulette Betting Mines Games Pattern Casino

Roulette Betting Mines Games Pattern Casino

Roulette is strictly mathematical and is a simple game of luck; no skill or strategy can influence the outcome. Roulette wheels are accompanied by a felt roulette layout table. Roulette players indicate their bet by placing chips on designated spots on this table.

The casino’s advantage lies in the green 0 space. Payouts are made as if there were only 36 pockets on the roulette wheel, instead of the actual 37 it contains. For example, if an online roulette player bet on black, the payout would be 1 to 1. This would offer no advantage for either the player or the house if there was a 50% chance the ball landed on black. However, the green pocket makes this percentage slightly less than 50%.

Below is a chart that illustrates the payouts and the odds of all the possible roulette bets.

The information above is based on the European roulette wheels, which contain the 0 space. On the other hand, American casino roulette wheels contain this 0 space and an additional 00 space. This addition of a 00 space decreases the roulette player’s odds of winning, and is not as favorable as the European models. If possible, stick to the European style roulette tables.

Online Roulette Strategy: Fact or Fiction?

Since the 1700s with the appearance of the first roulette wheel, players have attempted to “beat the game.” Such strategy includes all kinds of betting systems that supposedly give players a gambling edge in the game.

Are the success stories of such roulette gambling strategies fact or fiction? The answer is simple-fiction. There is no mathematical strategy that can possibly influence the outcome of roulette, either in the casino or online roulette. Each spin occurs separately, and no spin influences another in any way. The odds of landing in any particular pocket are the exact same for each pocket and during each spin.

The important fact to remember about roulette, on the internet or in a casino, is that the 0 and 00 pockets on the roulette wheel present an unbeatable house advantage. Whether you are gambling with Online Roulette or roulette in the casino, there is no betting system that will ever overcome this advantage; it is mathematically impossible.

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