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The US witnessed an unprecedented gambling expansion over the past several years. Many states have already passed legislation to legalize and regulate online gambling in one form or another. Sports wagering is now legal in around 30 states, 18 of which allow it in both retail and online format via licensed websites and mobile apps.

Remote casino gaming appears to be significantly less popular among US legislators as very few states have passed laws to regulate these activities. Interactive games of chance are currently legal in Connecticut, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

 Taxable Forms of Gambling in the US

 Thresholds on Taxable Gambling Winnings

 US Tax Brackets

 Taxes Imposed on Professional Gamblers

Non-Resident Gamblers Also Pay Taxes

Another peculiarity of the US tax system is that it enforces taxes on gamblers who lack US citizenship. Foreign nationals are divided into two groups – resident and non-resident aliens.

 Resident Aliens

 Non-Resident Aliens

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