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High Edge Games
Mines Game has one of the highest house edges found in the casino at around 25%, which is one of the reasons why its popularity has declined. American roulette has a high edge compared to European roulette (5.26% against 2.70%) and there are some bets in craps where the edge is over 10%. The edge in slots can be as high as 15% too.

Casino Games by Skill Factor
All casino games have random outcomes, so they are all ultimately based on luck. Some of them, however, involve some degree of skill. Those with a skill factor are very popular with some players, as they enjoy contributing some influence over their results. Others prefer gambling on pure chance and putting their fate entirely in the hands of lady luck.

High Skill Factor
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Blackjack is the game with the highest skill factor, as every decision made affects the player’s chances of winning. It’s also technically possible to master blackjack, if card counting can be mastered. This is definitely a skill and one that’s hard to learn. Video poker also involves significant skill in terms of knowing which cards to keep and which ones to discard.

It could be argued that there’s skill involved in craps too, for anyone that can learn dice control. There’s plenty of debate over whether this is even possible, but nonetheless it would take a great deal of skill.

Low Skill Factor
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There are several games which involve a low level of skill. These are basically the games where your decisions have some effect on the overall house edge but not a significant one. Pretty much all casino poker games fall into this category.

Pure Chance
Games of pure chance are those where nothing you do has any effect at all on the house edge or the likelihood of you winning. Slots are one of the prime examples of this type of game and there are many more. Roulette and baccarat are also examples of this.

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