Online Blackjack Mines Games Casino

Online Blackjack Mines Games Casino

Online blackjack games with early surrender are a rare find but they do exist. One of the very few variations to implement this rule is Big 5 Blackjack Gold by Microgaming. Do not be too quick to get excited, though. The software developers have incorporated several unfavorable rules into the game to offset the impact of the early surrender and restore the house advantage.

The variation derives its name from the fact it uses five full decks of cards. Additionally, this is a no-peek game where the dealer does not take any hole cards. Instead, they receive a single faceup card at the initial deal and draw a second one only after players have made their decisions.

To add insult to injury, early surrender is only permitted against the dealer’s 10, which takes away 0.39% of your expected value. Other than that, the rest of the rules are rather decent as you can see below. The variation is available in multi-hand format, allowing you to play up to five betting spots simultaneously.

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