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Multi-accounting is strictly against the Rules of Online Casino casino apk

If an operator reasonably suspects you have created duplicate accounts, it will close them down and void your winnings.

All properly regulated gambling sites abide by the following rule – no more than one account per customer, email, household, and IP address. The rule is in place for two main reasons:


  1. Casinos adhere to strict KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines. In fact, the practice is a prerequisite for obtaining an online gambling license in all regulated markets. The guidelines largely aim to prevent illicit financial practices like money laundering. A regulated online casino cannot legitimately process any financial transactions without strict compliance with said KYC policies.

2. Gambling operators sift out promo hunters and bonus abusers by restricting each customer to a single account. Multi-accounting is a technique bonus abusers commonly rely on to exploit promotional offers and claim them multiple times.

Casino operators warn all prospective customers beforehand that multi-accounting is against the rules. This is clearly stated in the terms and conditions and those who still choose to disregard this policy typically bear two main consequences:

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