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Mines Games Ph Tips and Strategies Casino

Mines Games Ph Tips and Strategies Casino

Although it is difficult to have a working strategy for games of chance, the following strategies have been found to work for Mines Games.

Limit the Number of Mines Games

Keeping the number of mines low will give you a low multiplier but a higher winning chance. Primarily, let the mines be utmost 3. However, be set for a low multiplier.

Don’t Wait for a Long

When you constantly get empty spaces without hitting a mine, you may be tempted to go on uncovering more fields. This could eventually lead to losses. After you find between 6 and 8 empty spaces, cash out immediately.

Bet Within Your Means

Lastly, Mines Games Casino is a game of chance. Therefore, you can avoid lots of losses by betting within your means. Avoid staking what you cannot afford to lose.

Payouts and Betting Limits of Mines Games
The payouts at the Mines Games will depend on several things. To start with, the amount of stake you enter and secondly, the difficulty level of the Mines Games. This level is determined by the number of mines you select before starting the game. The Mines Games pay table is complex, as the multipliers are not constant. They change with the number of mines and empty spaces uncovered successfully. Below is an example of a pay table that shows the payouts when one mine is selected during a game versus the number of spaces uncovered.

The multipliers will change with the number of mines and the spaces uncovered for every game. In total, this game gives you 300 different outcomes or scenarios. For example, if you stake $10, select 1 mine, and uncover 5 spaces before payout, your multiplier will be 1.21. In this case, you will get a payout of 1.21 times 10. This gives you $12.1.

Here, the profit you earn is $2.1. This is worth it as there is almost zero risk. When betting on Roobet Mines, your lowest stake should not go below 0.01 Roolion. A bet that goes below this amount is automatically rejected. Besides, the maximum is not set.

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