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Mines Games Pattern The Prototype of Live Dealer Shows

Mines Games Pattern The Prototype of Live Dealer Shows

Evolution Gaming was the first software studio to venture into the game-show realm with the 2017 release of Dream Catcher. In this groundbreaking game, a charismatic live presenter spins a giant wheel divided into 54 segments separated by pins.

Out of those, 52 segments contain numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 40, with each number yielding its corresponding payout (eg. a $10 on number 10 pays ten times the wager, or $100). The other two segments contain 2x and 7x multipliers.

Dream Catcher Summary
Release DateFebruary 2017
Software StudioEvolution Gaming
Game TypeWheel-Based Game Show
Betting Limits$0.10 to $2,500
Maximum Prize$500,000.00
Compatible DevicesDesktop, iOS/Android Smartphones, Tablets
RTP RangeUp to 96.58%

If the wheel stops on a segment containing a number, players who have bet on said number win the corresponding payout.

If it stops on a multiplier, all wagers remain in action and the presenter respins the wheel. Wins resulting on the next spin are boosted by the respective multiplier. If another multiplier hits again, the wheel is respun and subsequent wins are multiplied by the cumulative value of the multipliers.

Example of Consecutive Multiplier Wins
Player X places a $10 wager on number 10. The first spin produces a 7x multiplier, the second one results in another 7x multiplier, and number 10 hits on the third spin. Player X wins $10 x 10 x 7 x 7 = $4,900.

Simple, right? The tricky part is that the numbers producing the highest payouts have fewer stops on the wheel, which reduces your chances of landing a bigger win. Compare the winning probabilities below and you will see what we mean.

Dream Catcher Wheel Segments, Probabilities, and Theoretical Return
OutcomeNumber of Wheel SegmentsProbability of WinningTheoretical Return to PlayerHouse Edges
123 segments42.59%95.34%4.66%
215 segments27.77%95.51%4.49%
57 segments12.96%91.24%8.76%
104 segments7.41%96.58%3.42%
202 segments3.70%92.74%7.26%
401 segment1.85%90.81%9.19%

As you can see, number 10 is your best bet as it yields the lowest house edge and produces the highest returns over the long haul. Despite this, it still has lower winning odds compared to Evolution Gaming’s live single-zero roulette (97.30%) and auto roulette with la partage (98.65%).

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