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Mines Games Pattern The Pros and Cons of Social Online Casinos

Mines Games Pattern The Pros and Cons of Social Online Casinos

Social casinos allow you to engage in gambling without incurring any monetary risk. They give you the opportunity to master different casino games, learn their rules, and practice before you start playing for real money. Socialization is the main drawing attraction here as you get to compete against your friends, send them gifts, and share your achievements with them. Despite their benefits, social casino games have their fair share of disadvantages. You should carefully consider all drawbacks before you jump on the bandwagon and join the social gaming craze that has taken hold of the internet.


The Social Element Is a Great Plus

Players are part of a larger community and enjoy higher levels of interaction with each other. It is difficult, if not impossible, for real-money casinos to replicate this sense of community as you mostly play against random number generators and cannot interact with fellow gamblers. At social casinos, your friends can cheer you on when you are winning or sympathize with you during losing streaks. You can compete against them, exchange gifts, compare results, and brag about your achievements.

There Is No Risk of Losing Real Money

With social casinos, there is no risk of losing real money unless you overspend on in-app purchases. Spending real cash is not a prerequisite to play, though. This is not the case with real-money casino games where you are bound to suffer losses in the long run due to the mathematical advantage the house holds against players.

No Need to Worry about the Legalities

Unlike real-money gambling, social casinos are not so heavily regulated and are largely legal in most territories and jurisdictions. Players from all around the world can enjoy some quality casino gaming even if they live in countries where online gambling is otherwise illegal or subject to heavy regulatory restrictions.


It Is Impossible to Win Real Money

Unlike conventional online gambling sites, social casinos completely deprive players of the opportunity to win cash prizes. You can never withdraw anything from your balance no matter how many credits you have raked in while playing social games. This can be particularly disappointing if you land a huge progressive jackpot. The best you can do is use the credits to play some more.

Risk of Overspending on In-App Purchases

While free to play, social casino games still carry some risk of overspending. Players have the option to spend real cash on coin refills rather than waiting for a specific period of time to have their in-game credits replenished.

Refilling with real money spares them the frustration of waiting and often facilitates steadier and faster progress through the levels. Furthermore, the difficulty of earning sufficient credits to continue playing and level up increases with time. Some players cannot resist the temptation and purchase more coins instead.

Social Casinos as a Gateway to Real Gambling

Some researchers suggest social casino games can act as a gateway to real-money gambling. British psychologist Dr. Jonathan Parke and his team were the first to establish a potential connection between social and real-money gambling in a 2013 study commissioned by the UKGC.

According to the study, more than half of gamblers who sought treatment (58.3%) reported they first came into contact with gambling by playing social casino games. Another study from 2014 led by the Australian scholar Dr. Sally Gainsbury recorded similar findings. The study established social casino players are more likely to participate in real-money gambling and to do so problematically.

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