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Mines Games Easy Win Progressive Betting Strategy Casino

Mines Games Easy Win Progressive Betting Strategy Casino

A very popular Mines game strategy is the progressive bet. For those who want to start calmly and increase the risks (as well as the possibilities of earnings), the game’s interface also offers great tools.

There are several ways to establish a progressive betting system in this game. And here are some of them:

  • number of guesses – With a fixed amount of bombs and bet value, generally low, it is possible to create a system where each round you increase a guess, instead of redeeming the profits;
  • quantity of pumps – With a fixed amount of guesses and bet value, there is also the option to increase the bombs, but per round it can be a lot, maybe every 3 rounds;
  • betting values – If you manage to find the ideal relationship between bombs and guesses that favor your hits, the other way to act progressively is to increase the bet amount per round or group of rounds.

For any strategy in the Mines game, one of the main features is the player’s freedom of creation, through the game’s customization tools. But considering only the progressive strategy, the downside is the risk of hitting the limit unexpectedly. Regardless of the chosen augmentation tool, the risk increases proportionally.

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