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Mines Games Easy Win Casino Very Low Ceiling on Maximum Bets

Mines Games Easy Win Casino Very Low Ceiling on Maximum Bets

While perusing the terms and conditions of a bonus, you will inevitably notice they contain a clause that restricts the maximum bets you can make while clearing your wagering. The restriction is a form of damage control from the casino’s perspective. This rule serves two purposes:

  • It prevents smart players from quickly meeting the playthrough.
  • It increases the number of bets players must place to withdraw a bonus.

The more bets you make over time, the closer you get to the house edge inherent to all casino games. The house advantage begins to manifest itself after thousands of rounds. In other words, risking $10,000 on a single bet is not the same as placing ten thousand bets of $1 each.

The maximum bets most casinos allow with active bonuses are usually $5 to $10 for slots and $20 to $30 for other permitted games. Anything lower than that is disadvantageous for bonus players and we advise you to stay away from promotions with such terms. Even more so if the casino restricts you only to playing slots and keno games where the house edges are higher.

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