Mines Game Spribe mini game – what are the chances to win?

Mines Game Spribe mini game – what are the chances to win?

Your odds of winning in this online casino game depends on the amount of mines you choose to play with. Let’s say you place only 1 mine so that means your first pick would have a 1 in 25 chance of losing. Then, if your first pick is correct your second pick would have a 1 in 24 chance of losing and so on and so on.

Now let’s take a very risky scenario and let’s say you place 20 mines on the grid. It means that your first pick would have a 1 in 5 chance of winning. If you would make a correct decision the game would pay you around 4.85x since the casino always has an edge and in case of Mines game its RTP is usually around 97% (more about casino games and slots RTP).

So, it is up to a player himself to decide the odds in this game. You can choose a low risk route or you can go degen mode and have a chance of winning huge!

Mines casino game strategy

Some might say that there is a strategy which will help you win in Mines. However, each round of this game is completely random so there is no chance you will know what is going to happen or where the mines will be placed. So, there is no actual strategy which could guarantee you something or increase your chances of winning.

The most important thing in this Spribe game is to know when to stop. After each correct pick your potential winnings will increase and that might make your mind make another pick but be aware that if you pick a tile with a mine – your bet will be lost immediately.

Mines game online functions

Even though Mines is a pretty simple game, it has several functions that we need to talk about. First of all there is an interesting autoplay feature. Before pressing “Start” you will have to set the number of mines and also you will have to choose your lucky tiles.

Once you choose which tiles you want to open each round the game will do its work and you will only see the final result of each round. Also, this autoplay feature will let you set whether you want to increase, decrease or remain with your initial bet size after each winning or losing round.

In addition to the autoplay feature there is an option to open tiles randomly. This way you will leave the picking for the game itself and just watch the final result. We are not sure if this is the most exciting way to play this game but some you might like it.

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