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How to solve common problems with casino bonuses

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Claiming a bonus often means parting with real money, so even the most common issues are worthy of concern. Here’s our advice on some of the most common problems players face.

Technical glitches

Technical issues, such as system errors or glitches, can affect bonus activation or redemption. Whether this happens after depositing or in the middle of a game, your best bet is to contact customer support.

I forgot to input my bonus code

It happens to the best of us, especially if the code field isn’t clearly marked. Honestly, most customer support teams will be happy to hand over the bonus afterwards if you ask. This is one reason why bonus codes have lapsed in popularity in favor of automatic bonuses.

I don’t have a deposit method compatible with the bonus

Avoid the casino, especially if you don’t recognize the payment methods. Stick to casinos working with trusted financial names. If you made a deposit with a casino and discovered compatibility issues later, your options are limited, but customer support is worth a shot.

The casino bonus is restricted in my country

Don’t try to claim it then. Even if you manage to grab the bonus with a workaround, you won’t be able to claim any winnings. Safe casinos always do identity verification before they pay out, so save your time and your money, and play what’s legally available to you.

The casino has new offers, and I want to change

It’s tough to sign up and claim a casino bonus one day, and discover they’ve released a better one the next. Do try ask customer support, they might be willing to swap out your current bonus funds for the new set.

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