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How to Play Stake Mines Games Ph Casino

How to Play Stake Mines Games Ph Casino

Mines is what’s known as a “Stake Originals” game, which readers of our review will know means it’s produced exclusively by themselves. As such, it’s a little different to other games. Here’s how it works:

  • The game uses a 5×5 grid resembling Minesweeper.
  • You must set a bet amount to play with each round and how many mines you want in play.
  • 1-24 mines can be selected across 25 tiles.
  • Mines and gems are placed at random.
  • You’ll turn over tiles in hopes of revealing gems and avoiding mines.
  • Each gem is good for a Stake Mines multiplier and continued gameplay.
  • Revealing a bomb will end your round and lose your wager.


While some gamers might be thinking “is Stake Mines rigged?” others absolutely love the game’s nostalgia value and its high-risk nature.

All Mines outcomes are 100% randomized. What’s more, the fact you can modify the number of mines in play enables you to enjoy high-pressure gameplay and pursue larger jackpots.


The “1:1 ratio” strategy is one of the most common approaches taken to Mines. This relies on using a 1:1 Stake Mines calculator to take advantage of the number of mines in-play and squares highlighted. Here’s how it works:

  • Set the number of mines to 1 then select a single square to bet on.
  • Set the number of bets to either 100 or 0 (for continuous play).
  • Take advantage of the fact only one mine is in play out of all 25 squares, and only one square has been selected.

It’s worth noting that while the 1:1 strategy offers good short-term potential, the odds are technically not in your favor in the long run. The RTP of Mines is around 99%, so if you play this way for a long time, you should expect to end up 1% down by the end of your session. They key is to get out while you’re ahead.

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