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How Cashback Bonuses Work

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To clarify things further, here is an example of how percentage-based cashback bonuses work. Note that all the promotional conditions we have listed are purely hypothetical and for demonstration purposes.

  • A player tops up their balance with $100.
  • The gaming site offers 10% back on the player’s losses.
  • The promotional terms state that the cashback applies to net losses ranging from $20 to $2,000.
  • The player loses $70 of the deposited amount.
  • They are now eligible for a $7 cashback.

One important thing to remember is that the cashbacks typically exclude the winning and bonus wagers. They only apply to the net losses you suffer, i.e. your bets minus your profits. For example:

  • Suppose you generate $200 in winnings during the week.
  • Then you proceed to win $50 in loyalty rewards or bonuses.
  • You incur losses of $300 during the week.
  • It follows that your net losses equal $300 – ($200 + $50) = $50.
  • The casino offers a 10% cashback on your net losses.
  • Therefore, you are eligible for $5 in cashback based on your weekly net losses of $50.

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