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Free spins vs bonus spins – What’s the difference?

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Free spins is usually used to refer to promotions from a casino, while bonus spins is usually used to refer to bonus rounds of free spins within individual slot games.

It’s certainly confusing, because free spins are a type of casino bonus. We can dive into all the facets and nuances, but the short simple answer is that free spins come from casinos, and bonus spins are programmed into a game.

Bonus round spins are just part of the game, so they don’t qualify as a casino bonus. That means you won’t have any extra wagering requirements on winnings from them.

The table summarizes the key differences between them, but it’s not a competition. You can have both at once.

Free spins

Given by the casino

You have a set number, established by the casino

Can land you bonus spins

Bonus round spins

Triggered randomly within slot games

They can come at any time, with few set limits

Can be triggered by free spins

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