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Do Payout Rates of Online Casinos Change? live

Yes. Just because the software provider has specific RTP rates for the games they create, that does not mean that this is a constant percentage that does not range as the game is being played. Ranging RTPs will naturally affect the overall potential payouts of online casinos as well.

That is why it is important that virtual casinos are tested regularly, ensuring that the potential return rate of their games is accurate every month. As mentioned above, independent testing companies are responsible for the regular checks of RNG software and the update of the potential average return of the games at the respective online casinos.

Can I improve the payouts I can enjoy at an online casino by redeeming casino bonuses?

While there is a chance of coming across casino offers with somewhat player-friendly conditions, in most cases, bonuses are given to get players instantly hooked on the games offered by casinos. While some deposit bonuses claim to offer astonishing amounts of the likes of €/$1,000, €/$2,000, or even more, in most cases, such bonuses come with wagering requirements that are nearly impossible to complete. That is a clear sign that you will not improve your chances of landing bigger payouts by redeeming most of the promotions offered by online casinos.

Nevertheless, bonuses can be a fun way to explore the games of a casino brand but you are better off most of them if you are looking for higher payouts during your casino gaming sessions online.

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