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Cash out Limits Affect Progressive Jackpot Wins register

Winning a life-changing jackpot is easily the most exciting thing that can happen to any online casino player. Progressive jackpots are particularly appetizing as they grow each time someone places a bet, with their prizes going into the six or seven-figure realm in some cases.

Imagine the disappointment a player would feel if they land an unexpected windfall only to learn they cannot withdraw the jackpot amount in full due to the casino’s maximum cash out policies. As outraging as they sound, such issues are not unheard of.

In this article, we walk you through the specifics of progressive jackpots and explain who pays them. We also cover the impact of maximum cash out policies on the payment process and give you hints on how to avoid potential issues in this regard. But first, let’s get back to basics and have a look at the main types of progressive jackpots and how they accumulate.

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