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What Does it Mean to Play 747 live High Roller?

What Does it Mean to Play 747 live High Roller?

A high roller, also referred to as a whale or cheetah, is a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive lavish “comps” from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos’ best suites.

A high roller, also referred to as a whale or cheetah, is a gambler who consistently wagers large amounts of money. High rollers often receive lavish “comps” from casinos to lure them onto the gambling floors, such as free private jet transfers, limousine use and use of the casinos’ best suites. Casinos may also extend credit to a player to continue betting,

offer rebates on betting turnover or losses,

and salaries of employees may also contain incentive arrangements to bring in high rollers.

The definition of a high roller varies. At Crown Casino in Australia, for example, it involves bringing between AUD$50,000 and $75,000 to the table.

High roller players often have very high table limits allowing the high roller exclusive use. Casinos compete on bet limits. In Australia limits of AUD$300,000 are common, in Las Vegas they are between US$150,000 and $300,000, and in Macau they are up to US$500,000. Only richer casinos can accommodate high-stakes gambling due to the volatility of results.

High rollers may also be subject to exceptions from various rules and regulations; for example the high roller rooms at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia are the only licensed venue in the state not subject to a ban on smoking.

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Why is Baccarat So Popular 747 live in The Philippines?

Why is Baccarat So Popular 747 live in The Philippines?

In many Asian cultures, including Filipino culture, belief in luck and chance are tied to their daily lives. But what about baccarat makes it so popular on the islands? One major factor is the game’s easy-to-understand rules.

The player and banker both attempt a score of nine with a straightforward numerical scoring and a fixed rule system. Unlike blackjack that requires decisions and skills, baccarat is pure chance.

Baccarat is also popular in the Philippines due to the low 1.2% house edge. Another positive for baccarat in the Philippines is the chance for high rollers and low stakes players to enjoy the game.

Baccarat offers a great alternative to illegal gambling for Filipinos. Especially now, with the rise of online casinos, Filipinos can access baccarat games anytime.

For nonresidents that are familiar with the game in other regions, such as Las Vegas or Macau, baccarat in the Philippines offers the same casino experience found across the world.

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Can I Play 747 live Baccarat For Free?

Can I Play 747 live Baccarat For Free?

One of the biggest upsides to online baccarat is the ability to free play the game. With free online play, novices can learn the game without financial risk. Free play is also a good choice for players looking for carefree fun or for experienced players that want to test new betting structures and playing styles.

Are There Bonuses For Playing Baccarat?

Another huge upside to online casinos is the bonuses associated with the player’s account. A bonus from online casinos refers to the site matching a player’s deposit by a certain percentage up to a designated maximum amount, or other similar promotions.

Bonuses usually occur on a player’s first deposit and most online casinos offer some form of reload bonuses as well. For example, an online casino may offer a 100% match on the first deposit up to $1000 or a 35% match on all cryptocurrency deposits.

It is always important to read the Terms & Conditions when accepting bonuses, as some may not apply to baccarat or other popular table games. Currently, the featured online casinos on this page have welcome bonuses that apply to baccarat. However, Bet Online offers a 20% Weekly Reload bonus that can apply to baccarat.

Because bonuses specifically for baccarat are rare, it is important to note the wagering requirements for other games. Since online casino bonuses tend to focus on slots, one strategy players use is bankrolling baccarat games with their bonus earnings from slots. All online casinos featured on this site contain industry-standard wagering requirements in their Terms & Conditions that should be consulted before claiming any bonus funds.

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Baccarat is the latter Type of 747 live Game

Baccarat is the latter Type of 747 live Game

The house edge for each of the main bets in baccarat is as follows:

The banker takes another card based on that hand’s total versus the player hand total, as follows:

  • The banker bet has a 1.06% house edge.
  • The player bet has a 1.24% house edge.
  • The tie bet has a 14.36% house edge.

The best strategy for most casino games is to take the bet with the lowest house edge. In the case of baccarat, that’s the banker bet. The difference between the banker bet and the player bet is small enough (0.18%) that you could go with the player bet if you find it more entertaining.

But under no circumstances should you ever take the tie bet. That’s one of the worst house edge figures in the casino for a table game.

You can sometimes find a casino which offers a “reduced commission” on the banker bet. Instead of charging a 5% commission, they might charge a 4% or 3% commission—or less.

Any reduction in the commission on this bet results in a lower house edge for the game, which means that the banker bet is even better at such a casino running such a special.

Baccarat Strategy

Gamblers are always looking for a strategy or a system to help them get an edge over the casino. In some cases, this is possible. Card counting in blackjack is an example.

Baccarat has no opportunity for a winning strategy, though. The house edge for these bets stays the same regardless of any strategy you might try.

With that understood, I’ll look at some of the baccarat strategies that people try and explain the pros and cons of each.

The main strategy most baccarat players use is to track which bets are winning more often—banker or player. This is such a popular strategy that the casino offers pencils and scorecards to the players so that they can track these trends.

How these trends inform a gambler’s betting depends on whether the gambler prefers to try to ride a hot streak or if the gambler thinks that a result has become overdue.

Gamblers who ride hot streaks will see that the banker bet has won 4 times in a row, so they’ll bet on the banker to take advantage of the hot streak.

Gamblers who believe that results become due will bet on the player in that same situation, thinking that it’s unlikely for the banker to win 5 times in a row.

Both these strategies are examples of something called “The Gambler’s Fallacy.” This is the idea that the probability of an event changes based on what happened on previous trials.

But with games like baccarat, every hand is an independent event. The odds don’t change based on what happened on previous hands. The house edge remains the same—it’s still a function of how likely you are to win versus how much you win.

Another baccarat strategy is to raise or lower the size of your bets based on previous losses or wins. The Martingale System is usually considered a strategy for roulette, but some players use it in baccarat, too.

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Complete Guide to Playing Baccarat 747 live

Complete Guide to Playing Baccarat 747 live

What is baccarat and how does it work?

The simplest way to define baccarat is as a card game where you have 2 or 3 cards. The winning hand is the one with the higher score. Baccarat is strictly a game of chance; there’s no strategy involved. It’s traditionally a high roller game, although recent versions of the game cater more to gamblers who are playing for lower stakes.

This post includes everything you might ever want to know about the game of baccarat and how to play.

Here’s how to play baccarat:

You start by sitting down at the table and buying chips. The card is played from an 8-card deck, and the cards are given point values, just like they are in blackjack. The point values are slightly different though:

You start by betting on one of 2 hands—player or banker. You also have the option of betting on a tie, but never place this bet. It’s a sucker bet with lousy odds, and I’ll explain that in more detail soon.

Depending on where you play, you might have other side bets to choose from, but it’s best to just skip side bets. They almost always have lousy odds.

Unlike blackjack, where you get a hand that you play against the dealer, there are only 2 hands in baccarat, regardless of how many players are there. In blackjack, each player has a hand to play against the dealer. But in baccarat, there’s just a player hand and a dealer hand.

As in blackjack, though, each hand has 2 cards in it to start.

Each hand is scored with a total of between 0 and 9. You arrive at the point total by adding the points for each card in the hand.

If you have a total of 10+, you just count the points based on what’s after the

1. For example, if you have a total of 14, that’s just a total of 4—you ignore the 1.

In blackjack, you get to choose whether to take additional cards or not. For the player in blackjack, this is a matter of decision-making.

For the dealer in blackjack, it’s a matter of which criteria are present—dealers must always hit a hand with a total of 16 or less, regardless of any other factors.

In baccarat, though, both hands are played based on criteria. The player hand isn’t whim to the decisions of the player at all.

In baccarat, there’s a set of rules that determine whether a 3rd card gets dealt to a hand. A total of 8 or 9 is considered a “natural,” and if either the player OR the banker has a natural, neither hand gets an extra card.

If the player hand totals 6 or 7, the hand stands. If the player hand is a total of 5 or lower, that hand always gets an additional card.

If the player hand stood with a 6 or 7, the banker takes an additional card if the banker total is 5 or lower. If the banker has a 6 or 7, the banker hand stands.

Things start getting more complicated if the player drew a 3rd card.

The banker takes another card based on that hand’s total versus the player hand total, as follows:

  • If the dealer has a 7 or better, the dealer hand stands.
  • If the dealer has a 6, the hand stands unless the player has a 6 or 7, in which case the dealer gets a 3rd card.
  • If the dealer has a 5, the dealer draws with a total of 4, 5, 6, or 7. Otherwise the hand stands.
  • If the dealer has a 4, the dealer draws with a total of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7. Otherwise the hand stands.
  • If the dealer has a 3, the hand only stands if the player total is 8. Otherwise, the hand draws a 3rd card.
  • If the dealer has a 2, 1, or 0, the hand always gets another card.

This might seem complicated. That’s because it is.

Luckily for the player, it doesn’t matter if you understand what’s happening here or not. The odds are the same regardless, and the player has no meaningful decision to make other than whether to bet on the player hand or the banker hand.

The hand that wins is the one with the higher score. If both hands have the same total, a player bet or a banker bet is considered a push, which is a tie. You get your bet back, but you don’t get any winnings.

If you took the tie bet, you only win if the player and banker hands have the same total.

The player bet pays off at even money. In other words, if you bet $100 on the player and win, you get $100 in winnings.

The banker bet pays off at 19 to 20 odds. In other words, if you bet $100 on the banker and win, you get $95 in winnings. (It’s like paying a 5% commission.)

The tie bet pays off at 8 to 1, which means if you bet $100 on the tie, you’d win $800.

All casino games have a built-in mathematical advantage for the casino. This is called “the house edge.” It’s the theoretically perfect amount that the casino expects to win in the long run from each of your bets.

If the house edge for a game is 1%, then the casino expects a theoretical win of $1 every time you place a $100 bet.

The casino gets this edge by paying off bets at lower odds than the odds of winning are.

In some casino games, the house edge is the same regardless of which bet you place. In others, the edge varies from bet to bet.

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Tricks of Mines Games Ph Online

Tricks of Mines Games Ph Online

With over 30 years of experience within the online gambling industry, it’s safe to say that we have played a lot of casino games and tried a lot of strategies.

The best Mine game tricks are those that revolve around your bankroll. In other words, there are no strategies you can apply to how the game is played to increase your winning chances.

This is because the game is based on chance and is also a Provably Fair Game from Spribe. It can’t be hacked or cheated, and the game has no patterns.


Before jumping into playing the game using real money, play Mines for free here at MinesGame online casino.

By playing Mines in “Fun Mode,” you are allowing yourself to try out all the game’s features without risking any of your own money.

This is the perfect way to try everything from playing with the maximum bet possible, adjusting the number of mines on the grid, or testing how the game’s Auto Play feature works.


As this is a game of chance, each new game round will be completely random and unrelated to previous game rounds.

This means that it will not be possible to track older rounds and find patterns that would help you “predict” the layout of your current game round.

To ensure that each round is 100% fair, Spribe uses their Provably Fair Game cryptographic technology.


It’s easy to get excited with a new game, but one of our best Mines strategies is to start small. This means adjusting the bet level to ensure your bankroll will last longer.

Unless you have played Mines for free, using small bets in the game also lets you get used to how it works.

Playing with smaller bets is way less stressful, as it will not eat into your bankroll every time you place a bet.


The number of mines on the grid can be adjusted from one to 20. The more mines added to the grid, the higher your profit with every revealed star will be.

Of course, with a higher number of mines, the risk of hitting one is also larger. We recommend choosing a medium number of mines to appear on the grid, as this gives you a better chance of landing larger wins without risking hitting a mine too often.


The best Mines casino has to provide so much more than just a Mines game, and we are using our expertise and experience with online casinos to find the top-performing casinos for you.

For a casino to be ranked well as a good Mines casino, they need to pass several tests within our review process.

The best Mines casinos will have a wide selection of games and payment methods and will also process transactions quickly and smoothly.


Spribe is a game provider founded in 2018 and has reached fame among gamblers for their crash game concept and their “Provably Fair” technology.

Their most well-known game is Aviator, which by many is considered the original crash game. Spribe Mines was released in 2020, only two years after Aviator, and is gaining popularity together with several other “turbo games” like Plinko and Dice released by Spribe, all accessible through the in-game menu of Mines.

The cryptography technology known as Provably Fair is similar to the technology used in blockchain, where Spribe’s servers create one-half of an ID, and your device creates another half that, when combined and converted, reveals a confirmation that the game round was fair. You can learn more about their technology under the “Provably Fair Settings” section within the Mines game menu.

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About Mines Games Ph and How to Play

About Mines Games Ph and How to Play

If you ever wished you could win money playing the old-school computer game Minesweeper, then the Mines game from Spribe is for you!

Whether you are familiar with the retro game above, the new Mines casino game is easy to learn and already available at several great Indian online casinos.

Check out this guide on Mines online and play the game at one of our hand-picked Mines casinos today!


The Mines game is a real money casino game greatly inspired by the game Minesweeper, a 90s computer game where you tap squares on a grid to reveal symbols.

In the Mines casino game from Spribe, all the complicated aspects of the original have been scrapped, and instead, you have 25 tiles on a 5×5 grid, each tile containing either a star or a mine.

It’s your goal to tap and reveal stars; the more stars you reveal, the higher your payout. Just be careful, as revealing a mine will end the round, and you’ll lose the bet and any potential winnings!

In other words, Mines online gives you full control over your bet and when you want to cash out!


Learning how to play Mines is easy! Mines is very similar to other crash games in the sense that you are in charge of when to cash out.

That said, while regular crash games run automatically, you can take all the time you need to choose which tiles to turn over in the Mines game.

Follow these steps to start playing the real money game Mines online:

  1. Decide which Mines casino to play from and sign up to the casino.
  2. Make a deposit.
  3. Locate the Mines game from Spribe in the casino’s game library.
  4. Adjust the bet level to one comfortable for you.
  5. Tap the “Bet” button.
  6. Tap the tiles to turn them over to reveal a star or a mine.
  7. Tap “Cash Out” when you are ready to retrieve your winnings.


Let’s take a look at the Mines betting feature. You’ll want to adjust the bet amount to one you are comfortable with and that matches well with your gambling budget.

To make your bet bigger or smaller, tap the + and – symbols next to the visible bet amount. If you’d rather get a full overview of the betting amounts available, tap the stacked chips icon located between the plus and minus buttons.

It’s also possible to adjust the number of mines on the grid. The more mines, the higher your payout will increase with every new star found. But more mines also mean higher risk, so choose carefully!


As mentioned, tapping the stacked chips button between the buttons decreasing or increasing the bet will reveal all possible betting amounts. There are a total of 15 different betting amounts you can choose from.

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The Ins and Outs of Mines Games Ph Gambling

The Ins and Outs of Mines Games Ph Gambling

The variety of games on gambling platforms is quite wide, with several new games being added now and then. It’s so common that you can even find nostalgic games you have played on your PC. These games will be a mini version of the game, but with the thrill of winning a cash prize. 

One such game we’ll be looking into in this guide is the Mines gambling game. This game took its inspiration from the arcade game Minesweeper. Many online casinos provide a variety of this game on their platform, and if you need help with how this game works, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will walk you through how to play Mines gambling games and the pros and cons of the game.

How to Play a Mines Gambling Game?

Playing the Mines game is pretty straightforward, with simple gameplay. The first thing you need to know about the game is its setup. It often has a 5×5 grid, a total of 25 tiles. These tiles are often opaque, hiding a symbol underneath. But before you can start playing the game, you must choose a bet size, adjust the number of miners and choose whether you want to play manually or automatically.

The amount you can wager depends on the casino provider. Some casinos have a high minimum bet, while others are relatively low. After choosing the bet amount, click on the play button. Once the game starts, you can pick a tile on the field to reveal the symbol underneath. Under each tile can either be a mine or a multiplier symbol. This symbol is often a diamond, depending on the software developer. 

If the tile you uncover isn’t a mine, you are given two options: withdraw your winnings or continue playing for a higher cash prize. Note that the number of mines you set at the beginning of the game can influence the game’s difficulty. 

Depending on the software developer, the number of mines often ranges between 3 and 24 in any 5×5 grid Mines gambling game. The higher the number of mines on the field, the higher your prize. But when there are more mines in the field, there is a higher risk of losing.  Pros of Mines Gambling Game Easy to play Mines gambling game is a straightforward game to play. Like Slot games, you don’t need to develop any particular playing skill to play it. All you have to do is place a bet and uncover a tile you believe isn’t mine. However, you must know when to take home your winnings and when to uncover the next tile.

Provably fair algorithm Another reason Mines stand out is that they often come with a provably fair algorithm. There is often an option you can use to verify the randomness of each round’s outcome. So, despite the game being random, you can be sure it’s not a made-up randomness to favor the casino operator.

High payout

The payout you can get from Mine gambling games is often exceptionally high. Right from the first round, the payout is often high, which is why the game is so attractive to many players. 


Also, Mines comes with a multiplier option. This feature allows players to boost their take-home prize each time they choose to continue playing. For each tile you reveal, the multiplier increases exponentially. The multiplier you get if you uncover a third tile is higher than the multiplier for uncovering the second tile, and so on.

Cons of Mines Gambling

Game Game of chance

One of the downsides of Mines is that it’s a game of chance. As such, you can’t necessarily predict the outcome, since it does not require any skill. So, no matter how often you play the game, you wouldn’t get any better at winning. Instead, it would help if you played the game for the thrill and fun of it.

High house edge

It’s also worth noting that the house edge in the game is high. And the house edge increases when you increase the number of mines on the field. So, despite the higher payout with more mines in the field, the likelihood of losing it all is high.

In conclusion, Mines gambling games are a casino game growing in popularity and worth checking out. While it is a game of chance, it’s exhilarating and allows you to win big. You don’t need any particular skill to play the game; you only need the desire to have fun and funds in your account.

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How To Choose an Online Mines Games Ph Casino

How To Choose an Online Mines Games Ph Casino

You’re finally prepared to begin playing casino games at an online casino after going through several procedures and a period of learning how to gamble. However, you have no idea how to choose an online casino or even which online casino is a scam or not. What do you do?

You can choose the best casino to play online without being disappointed or conned, whether you’re trying to play a casino game of roulette, blackjack, slots, or craps. This guide will show you how to choose an online casino and will cover every aspect you need to be aware of. Let’s start discussing how to choose an online casino right away!

How to Choose an Online Casino: What to Look For

The following are some things to keep an eye out for while selecting an online casino:

  1. The Casino’s Reputation

One of the most important factors in deciding how to choose an online casino is the casino’s reputation. When looking for an online casino to play at, there are a few things you should keep an eye out for, as judging a casino’s reputation at first can be a challenging task.

You can find out if an online casino’s reputation is bad in the following ways:

  • They wouldn’t want to give away winnings that had been obtained legally. Instead, they’ll offer a variety of justifications, such as a technical lag that shouldn’t have occurred and a promise to refund 10% of the wins.
  • Additionally, they place limits on withdrawal amounts by delaying withdrawals or requiring you to accumulate your profits to a particular limit before withdrawing them.
  • The game’s theoretical RTP turns out to be lower than what was previously claimed.
  • They offer a variety of excuses to avoid paying out your gains.
  1. License or Registration

Another thing to look out for when deciding how to choose an online casino is if the casino is licensed and regulated by a recognized entity. Before an online casino can be licensed and approved by the right entities or organizations, it must have met the guidelines, requirements, and standards set for every online casino.

If an online casino has been certified and licensed, then you can rest assured that it will offer honest gameplay and that the gambling or betting games are random.

One way you can know if an online casino is licensed is by checking out reviews from other players or by checking the bottom part of the casino’s website.

You can also access the licensee’s website and perform a web search for the casino’s name. You can check the licensing of the online casino you want to play at from a list of casinos that have obtained their licenses from a reputable licenser.

  1. Banking Options

Every time a person participates in a casino game at a physical casino, they usually place a bet. This holds for online casinos as well, and the available online banking options aid in choosing an online casino.

You must register an account and deposit before you can play for real money. However, you must carefully examine every online banking option before making any deposits.

Online banking options include prepaid cards, debit cards, online payments, credit cards, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. This type of availability of online banking options is a positive indicator when picking an online casino. Check out other withdrawal options as well as the payment methods that are convenient for you.

  1. Supported Devices

The type of device you want to use to play casino games is key to understanding how to choose an online casino. You need to check if the online casino you have vetted as being legit is compatible with your device, be it a smartphone, a tablet, or a personal computer.

Most online casinos have platforms that support several smartphone devices, such as Android, iOS, Mac, and others. Once you can confirm that your device is compatible with the online casino, you can start playing instantly by accessing the play platform through a web browser.

Some online casinos make the application version available for players to download.

  1. Game Lobby

One of the factors contributing to the success of internet casinos has been the creative spirit to come up with several variations of a casino. Software providers have produced new and improved games that offer better user experiences, distinct concepts, themes, an immersive gaming experience, and a whole lot more compared to the same games that physical casinos have offered for several years.

You might be wondering how having new, advanced forms of games helps you consider how to choose an online casino, right? It helps because the more games available in the online casino’s game lobby, the more legitimate the casino is. Always avoid casinos with only a few games in their lobby; this is a red flag you should be aware of.

  1. Software Provider

When deciding how to choose an online casino, look for software providers with whom they work. When you conduct your research and discover that your preferred casino is collaborating with a reputable software provider, there is a very good chance that the game will provide an enjoyable gaming experience.

You will enjoy immersive gaming experiences with advanced graphics, audio experiences, and exclusive variations of casino games when you find an online casino that partners with a leading software provider.

Some of the popular software providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Playtech, Extreme Live Gaming, Amaya, etc. So you can rest assured that these software providers partner with an online casino.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be a victim of online casino scams; learn how to choose an online casino using our above tips easily. And to save time, visit Slots Paradise Casino. It is a tested and trusted casino website.

How can I avoid scam online casinos?

To avoid online casinos that are scams, you should research them, their reputation, and if they are licensed. Following these basic rules would help you avoid scam online casinos.

Can I play for free to try online casinos out?

Yes, most online casinos allow players to play for free without risking any money. And with this, you can check if an online casino is right for you.

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Which Casino Mines Games Ph are the Easiest To Win?

Which Casino Mines Games Ph are the Easiest To Win?

The world of online casino games offers endless entertainment, but the frustration of losing can take the edge off the overall experience. Your first step in learning how to win at a casino is to know which games are the easiest to play and which offer you the highest odds for your efforts. Slots, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps and video poker are all worthy of consideration. Read on for an analysis of the gambling games you want to be playing more than the others.

House Edge and RTP

The key to finding games with better winning chances and which casino games have the best odds is to research the game’s house edge. This refers to the mathematical advantage that the house enjoys on average for any given game. A house edge of 5%, for example, means that, on average, the house takes 5% of all bets placed. Another way of looking at the same situation is using return to player (RTP.) If you play a game with an RTP of 95%, it means you will win 95% of your bets and the house will take 5%. The majority of online slots offer an RTP of between 85 and 95%. There are no casino games with 100% RTP. In other words, you should never bank on taking home more money than you started off with.

Slot Machines

Slots are the easiest games to win at, hands down. That’s because they require no skill to play — the outcomes are completely random. If you’re looking to enjoy relatively frequent wins, low-variance slots are the way to go. These games have a high hit rate, although their payouts are correspondingly lower. Note that “wins” are often defined as a multiple of your bet. For example, a winning combination could award ten times (10x) your bet. Alternatively, it could award half (0.5x) your bet. In other words, you can win at slots and still lose money.

One thing to be careful of in an online casino environment is jackpot slots. These work the same as regular slots but have much bigger jackpots, usually available during a special bonus round. It can be an attractive idea to chase big jackpots, but you should know that the bigger the prize, the more people are playing for it, so the chances of winning big are very small. It’s similar to the lottery — it’s fun to know you stand a chance, but it’d be foolish to count on winning.


Baccarat is one of the best live dealer casino games for beginners because it’s very easy to play, highly engaging and has a low house edge. The game involves betting on two table positions, called the Player hand and the Banker hand, which have a house edge of 1.24% and 1.06%, respectively. You can also bet on a Tie, but the odds for that are poor. If you play baccarat responsibly, you’ll have the satisfaction of winning fairly frequently.


Roulette offers a wide range of bets with varying degrees of volatility. The most favorable bets for beginners are those with the lowest house edge. Bear in mind that there are two main types of roulette: European and American. The difference is that a European roulette wheel has one zero pocket and an American wheel has two. This yields a house edge of 2.70% and 5.26%, respectively. Bottom line: there’s a higher chance to win in European roulette. The bets with the biggest payouts are straight-up bets on single numbers, which pay out 35:1. The roulette bets with the best odds are so-called even money bets on colors (red or black,) numbers (odd or even,) and high or low numbers (1–18 or 19–36.) These bets should see you win your bet approximately 50% of the time.


There’s not much to do here other than blow and throw the dice and hope your numbers come up. The house edge ranges from 1.4 to 5%, depending on the craps game you’re playing. Beginners should focus on the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets, where players lose on a two-dice Don’t Come bet if the throw is 7 or 11 but win if the roll is 2 or 3. Throw any other number and that’s the Don’t Come point.


Blackjack is arguably one of the most exciting casino table games around. With blackjack, it’s you against the dealer. You win if your cards hit a higher number than the dealer, but if you push past 21, you go bust and lose your bet. With blackjack, the dealer has the advantage of playing second. Even though they won’t see all of your cards, it does mean that you can go bust pushing for 19, 20 or 21 without the dealer having to take a risk. There’s nothing better, though, than hitting 20 or 21 and watching the dealer decide how far they should push their hand. In blackjack, the house edge really depends on how well you play. The average is around 2%. The good news is that if you apply basic blackjack strategy, you can count on a low house edge of 0.5%.

Video Poker

Video poker is a favorite with players who enjoy a fast-paced game that challenges their strategic thinking. A typical 9/6 Jacks or Better video poker game will have an RTP of 99.54%. In other words, for every $100 wagered, the player will get $99.54 as winnings. To achieve this win rate, you need to learn and apply video poker strategy, which isn’t easy — it takes work. There are many more relaxing games. If you’re determined, however, start by searching for video poker strategy charts, which are easily available on the internet.

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