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Why Online Casino Required ID

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“Know Your Customer,” simply known as KYC, is an compliance process financial institutions, including casinos, follow to verify the legitimacy of their customer’ identities.

In the UK, the government enacted through the Gambling Commission that all casinos must demand KYC documents from their customers and follow all verification protocols. This regulation is in line with the three main licensing objectives of the Gambling Act of 2005:

  1. To prevent gambling from being a source of or associated with crime or disorder
  2. To ensure that all gambling practices are fair and open
  3. To protect children from getting involved with gambling

With this, UK online casinos that do not follow these regulations are subject to paying heavy fines and getting their licenses revoked.

Additionally, customers who do not comply and refuse to provide KYC documents may experience withdrawal delays, or they won’t get to withdraw their winnings at all. Some even have their accounts removed. And those who are caught using fake IDs may need to pay tremendous penalties or face criminal charges.

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