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We Test Online Casino Brands in several ways

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We test online casino brands in several ways.

The good old fashioned way. We send our players in to play with real money. This way, we get the full picture of how the casino works:

  • from the sign up process,
  • to the first deposit,
  • to claiming the welcome bonus,
  • to trying out all the different games,
  • to contacting customer service, and
  • finally to cash out.

That’s how we get a first-hand account of what it feels like to play at that casino from a player’s perspective.

But that is not enough and we dig even deeper. Our testers also pay special attention to things like:

  • how easy it is for players to bank at the casino
  • the payout timeframes
  • the different payment methods available
  • the competence of the customer service team

Our specialists go into each site to check and test all these things diligently before they write the casino report. Not only that, but we also re-visit the casinos regularly for quality control and to make sure our reviews are always up to date.

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