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The Weaknesses of Live Dealer Slots

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Host-led game shows of this type do not have demo versions as is the case with traditional online slots. While in most cases it is possible to load the live casino lobby after registering an account, you cannot play for free to test the games and get a proper feel of how they work. You must make a deposit to place bets and gain access to cool features like live chat, stickers, and emoticons.

The selection of live slots is very limited, at least for now, with players being able to choose from half a dozen or so options. This is not the case with traditional slots which can be found in a fabulous abundance across all online casinos.

Live slots produce a significantly lower theoretical return compared to standard casino games hosted by professional dealers. Their payout percentages rarely, if ever, go over 97%. You will end up losing more money if you play them regularly.

So should you play live dealer slots? It is entirely up to you to answer this question since it all comes down to personal preferences at the end of the day. These games are highly unlikely to appeal to players who prefer classic casino mainstays like baccarat or blackjack. With that said, we believe those of you who are already keen on reel spinning will definitely find live slots refreshing.

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