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The Best way to increase Mines Games Easy Win Variable Risk Strategy

The Best way to increase Mines Games Easy Win Variable Risk Strategy

Finally, one of the best ways to increase your chances of winning at Mines is the variable risk strategy. Like almost everything else in the game, there are several ways to vary the risk. And here are some of them:

  • Varying the amount of guesses per round (with the same settings);
  • Varying the number of bombs;
  • Varying the amount bet.

Different types of risks are interesting in the medium and long term, especially in the face of a totally random earnings composition system. But this strategy also has a downside: the risk of defeat in bolder moves. When bad luck comes in the most daring attempts, it can greatly hinder progress.

But considering the last item on the list, there is a measure that can prevent this from happening, or at least reduce the risk of large losses. It is a risk compensation, which works like this:

  • When fighting for higher multipliers, either through more guesses or more bombs, try to make smaller entries, with lower values, if the multiplier reached is really high, it will be worth it anyway;
  • If the idea is to take advantage of the easier multipliers when playing Mines, that is, those related to the first stars found, a slightly higher input value can be ideal to improve profits.

This still doesn’t guarantee a 100% risk-free activity, again, nothing is 100% in this game. But it is a way of balancing risks versus possibilities of gains that is widely used by professional players.

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