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RNG Blackjack with Surrender after Splitting and Hitting register

As we told you already, surrender is a rare rule that few online blackjack variations support even in its conventional form. This is not to say more exotic variants of the rule are unavailable to online players. You can find more flexible surrender options in a blackjack variant called Super Fun 21.

Two randomly generated versions of the game are available on the internet. One was developed by SG Digital, while the other is courtesy of Microgaming, but their rules mostly overlap. Let’s have a closer look at SG Digital’s version before we proceed to discuss the accurate surrender strategy for Super Fun 21.

 Super Fun 21 Extreme by SG Digital

 Strategy for Super Fun 21 Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack with Surrender after Splitting and Hitting

If randomly generated blackjack is not your thing, you can enjoy more flexible surrender rules at live dealer casinos powered by Visionary iGaming (ViG) that offer Early Payout Blackjack. In essence, this live game is quite similar to standard variations with surrender, the main difference being players can forfeit their hands at any stage as long as the live dealer has not completed their hand.

Another interesting twist in Early Payout Blackjack is that the player does not necessarily forfeit precisely half of their original bet. How much you get back depends on the exact winning probability of the hand you are folding with respect to the dealer’s exposed card.

The early payout option will yield more than half your bet in some cases, or less than half in others. The bottom line is accepting the early payout is possible after players have hit, split, or even doubled. The other rules in this live variation by Visionary iGaming include:

  • The game is dealt out of six decks.
  • The dealer does not take hole cards but rather draws their second card after all players have completed their hands.
  • The dealer draws to soft totals of 17.
  • Doubling is allowed on any two-card total.
  • Doubling is possible after splits.
  • When players split aces, each ace receives only one card and the split hands then stand.
  • The software calculates the early payouts after each move players make.

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