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Random Selection Strategy Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Random Selection Strategy Mines Games Easy Win Casino

There are two modes that can be considered random in the game, the “Random” button and the “Auto Game”. They are tools that have the power to break a betting pattern, and certainly can help a lot in increasing the odds. 

Starting with the “Random” button, it has a simple function, but that can help a lot when making a decision. The button simply chooses one of the options available to you, and the choice is completely random.

Regarding the “Auto Game” button, the randomness factor is that this function involves participation in more than one round, with a fixed configuration, including selected positions. Mines with Auto Game strategy works as follows:

  1. When selecting the “Auto Game”, the player must choose which positions will be revealed by the next rounds;
  2. Then, click on the central blue button to open the configuration options. There is the place to customize the number of rounds in a row that those positions will be opened;
  3. Also on this screen, the player has the option to set automatic stops, setting a limit on balance, profit or wins.

The bad side of random selections is that, even with the best possible strategy, this moment really will be 100% in the hands of luck, or bad luck. But since the way the game works will always be random, it is still an interesting feature.

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