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Play Mines Games Easy Win Casino Online Gambling Real Money

Play Mines Games Easy Win Casino Online Gambling Real Money

If you’re looking for a way to win money fast – then the game Mines from the developer Spribe is just for you. All of us as children played the game “Sapper,” which everyone had on the computer. Spribe developed a slot game with similar rules, but now you can also earn money! The game is easy and fun. Even a beginner can understand it! Your task is to guess at the stars on the field and not to fall on mines. We have created a detailed article that will tell you how to play Mines with examples, as well as recommend the right casinos for you.

Mines Game Rules

The rules of Mines are very similar to those of Sapper:

  • You will see a field of 25 cells when you enter the game. Under these cells are 22 stars and only three mines – this is the game’s standard version. But you can win more if you choose in the settings, not three mines, but ten or even 20!
  • No one knows in advance exactly where the mines are located.
  • You have to click on each box in turn and open it.
  • The main goal is to collect as many stars as possible because your winnings will grow with each open star.
  • There are three more mines on the field. If you hit them, your bet will be burned.
  • It is optional to open all the boxes.
  • The more stars you guess, the more your winnings will be.
  • You can quit the game at any time and take your winnings.
mines spribe rules

We’ll show you the game in examples to make it easier for you to understand the rules.

Example of a game for 3 mines

Let’s look at an example of a three mines game:

Your bet is $10. To run the game, you need to click on the Bet button.

As we see in the picture, if we guess one star, we can get $11.02 from 10. As our tests have shown, the one-mine game is the least risky. The chance of hitting that mine right away is almost unrealistic.

Here we have guessed the first star. Now we are faced with the problem of choosing: to continue further or to take our winnings of about $1. 1$ is not much, so we will try to win more. So we continue the game and open a couple more boxes:

We opened six cells, and there were stars under all of them. We can already stop and pick up $23. So if we hit the cashout button now, we’ll take the money and go to +$13. Isn’t it great? In this case, we advise you to stop and withdraw your money. But for your sake, we will continue the game and show you how you can lose in Mines:

Our intuition succeeded us! Under the seventh cell, there was a mine, meaning we lost the $10 that we initially bet.

Now we have to start over and reopen the boxes. The chance of catching the mine with each open star is getting bigger. So don’t take any unnecessary risks!

Example of the game with 20 mines

As we have said before, you can choose the number of mines that will be located on the field in the settings.

The more mines, the higher the multiplier. The maximum you can choose is 20 mines, meaning there will be only five stars on the field. If you are lucky, then with 10$ you can win $48.5 if you guess in which cell will be located the star. Well, let’s give it a try!

Yay, we got lucky! We guessed the star box, and now we can withdraw our winnings. If we keep playing, we could win as much as $291 in the next round. But the odds are very low here, so it’s better to withdraw your money if you guessed the first time. But we’ll take our chances!

Oh, that’s unfortunate. We didn’t get it right, and we lost. So the risk was not justified.

As you can see, we have tested the game as much as possible and gave examples with pictures of winning and losing. So we hope that this unique information will be useful for you! But if you have any questions about the game, feel free to ask them in the comments on this page. We will be happy to answer them.

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