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Online Pay Tables and Expected Return

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One of the most important things players need to take into account before placing real money bets on any video poker game is the pay table. This is a chart displaying all possible winning hands and their respective payouts. Pay tables vary from one video poker variation to another but they are all more or less based on the pay table of the Jacks or Better game.

The lowest paying hand, usually a pair of Jacks, is paid out evenly, which means that the winning from it equals the bet. The payout for next best hand, Two Pair is twice the size of the bet, while for Three of a Kind and for Straight, it is 3 and 4 times the size of the bet, respectively. The payouts for the next two hands is very important and players should always check it beforehand, as it is indicative of whether that particular game variation is good or not.

When the Flush is paid out 6 times the size of the bet and the Full House – 9 times, the game is referred to as a “Full-Pay” game. These variations are also known as 9/6 games, which means that the return they offer is most probably high. However, a large part of the video poker variations pays out less for these hands, so beginners should try to stick to only full-pay games.

In the basic Jacks or Better pay table, the payouts for Four of a Kind and Straight Flush are 25 and 50 times the size of your bet, while for a Royal Flush you will receive winnings equal to 250 times your bet. However, the Royal Flush payout increases dramatically when you play with 5 coins, or the maximum amount of coins offered by the game – instead of 1250 times the size of your bet, it jumps to 4000 times the size of the bet. It is, therefore, recommended that you always play the max bet, especially if you are aiming for the jackpot.

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