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Online Mines Game Casino – Play Mines Gambling Real Money

Online Mines Game Casino – Play Mines Gambling Real Money

If you’re looking for a way to win money fast – then the game Mines from the developer Spribe is just for you. All of us as children played the game “Sapper,” which everyone had on the computer. Spribe developed a slot game with similar rules, but now you can also earn money! The game is easy and fun. Even a beginner can understand it! Your task is to guess at the stars on the field and not to fall on mines. We have created a detailed article that will tell you how to play Mines with examples, as well as recommend the right casinos for you.

Mines Game Rules

The rules of Mines are very similar to those of Sapper:

  • You will see a field of 25 cells when you enter the game. Under these cells are 22 stars and only three mines – this is the game’s standard version. But you can win more if you choose in the settings, not three mines, but ten or even 20!
  • No one knows in advance exactly where the mines are located.
  • You have to click on each box in turn and open it.
  • The main goal is to collect as many stars as possible because your winnings will grow with each open star.
  • There are three more mines on the field. If you hit them, your bet will be burned.
  • It is optional to open all the boxes.
  • The more stars you guess, the more your winnings will be.
  • You can quit the game at any time and take your winnings.

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