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Online Casino Roulette Statistics Panels and Billboards live

1. Overview

Online roulette players have access to tons of information, including wheel stats, past results, bar charts with outcome distribution, hot and cold numbers, and how many times they have hit.

2. Results Billboard

The Results Billboard section typically shows you the winning numbers for the past 10 to 15 rounds.

3. Hot Numbers

The Hot Numbers section contains information about the four most commonly drawn numbers over the past five hundred rounds. The row below displays how many times each hot number was spun, respectively.

4. Cold Numbers

The Cold Numbers section displays the four least frequently drawn numbers over the past five hundred rounds. The second row indicates the number of times each cold number has hit within the past five hundred rounds.

5. Wheel Statistics

The Wheel Statistics section gives players information about the distribution of the numbers that were drawn over the course of the past five hundred rounds.

6. Bar Chart

The Bar Chart section contains information about even-money wagers like red/black and odd/even. It shows you the percentage of spins that have produced these outcomes. The green section of the bar chart represents the results for the single-zero or double-zero.

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