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Online Casino Mines Games Pattern Evolution Gaming

Monopoly Live

Evolution Gaming partnered with Hasbro, the creator of the original Monopoly, and the result is this enticing and highly interactive rendition of the massively popular board game.

It plays similarly to Dream Catcher as players have the option to place wagers on wheel sectors containing numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 for the chance to pocket 1x, 2x, 5x, or 10x their bets.

Monopoly Live Summary
Release DateApril 2019
Software StudioEvolution Gaming
Game TypeWheel-Based Game Show
Betting Limits$0.10 to $2,500
Maximum Prize$500,000.00
Compatible DevicesDesktop, iOS/Android Smartphones, Tablets
RTP RangeUp to 96.23%

Also featured on the 54-segment wheel are sectors for 2 rolls (3 stops), 4 rolls (1 stop), and Chance (2 stops). When the wheel stops on a chance segment, an animated Rich Uncle Pennybags with his trademark top hat draws a chance card and awards random multipliers or cash prizes.

In case of a multiplier, bets remain active, the wheel is respun, and the winners have their payouts boosted by the multiplier value.

Players who place wagers on 4 rolls or 2 rolls get to participate in an exciting bonus game that involves rolling a pair of dice. The bonus round features familiar elements from the original board game, including Go to Jail, Passing GO, Income Tax, Super Tax, and Community Chest.

According to Evolution Gaming, the average return to player ranges from 91.30% to 96.23%, which is even lower than that in Dream Catcher. Check the table below to compare the house edges and theoretical returns for the different bets in Monopoly Live.

Monopoly Live Wheel Segments, Probabilities, and Theoretical Return
OutcomeNumber of Wheel SegmentsProbability of HittingTheoretical ReturnHouse Edge
122 segments40.74%92.88%7.12%
215 segments27.77%96.23%3.77%
57 segments12.96%91.30%8.70%
104 segments7.41%96.02%3.98%
2 Rolls3 segments5.55%93.90%6.10%
4 Rolls1 segment1.85%93.67%6.33%
Chance2 segments3.70%N/AN/A

Looking at the table above, we see players have the best winning chances when betting on number 1, in which case they earn even money. Ironically, this bet carries the second-highest house edge offering a return under 93% due to the payout reduction.

This is worse than many online slots where the theoretical return percentages rarely drop below 94%. Your best bet in Monopoly Live seems to be number 2 as the long-term RTP reaches 96.23%.

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