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Mines Games Tips and Tricks

Mines Games Tips and Tricks

With over 30 years of experience within the online gambling industry, it’s safe to say that we have played a lot of casino games and tried a lot of strategies.

The best Mine game tricks are those that revolve around your bankroll. In other words, there are no strategies you can apply to how the game is played to increase your winning chances.

This is because the game is based on chance and is also a Provably Fair Game from Spribe. It can’t be hacked or cheated, and the game has no patterns.


Before jumping into playing the game using real money, play Mines for free here at MinesGame online casino.

By playing Mines in “Fun Mode,” you are allowing yourself to try out all the game’s features without risking any of your own money.

This is the perfect way to try everything from playing with the maximum bet possible, adjusting the number of mines on the grid, or testing how the game’s Auto Play feature works.


As this is a game of chance, each new game round will be completely random and unrelated to previous game rounds.

This means that it will not be possible to track older rounds and find patterns that would help you “predict” the layout of your current game round.

To ensure that each round is 100% fair, Spribe uses their Provably Fair Game cryptographic technology.


It’s easy to get excited with a new game, but one of our best Mines strategies is to start small. This means adjusting the bet level to ensure your bankroll will last longer.

Unless you have played Mines for free, using small bets in the game also lets you get used to how it works.

Playing with smaller bets is way less stressful, as it will not eat into your bankroll every time you place a bet.


The number of mines on the grid can be adjusted from one to 20. The more mines added to the grid, the higher your profit with every revealed star will be.

Of course, with a higher number of mines, the risk of hitting one is also larger. We recommend choosing a medium number of mines to appear on the grid, as this gives you a better chance of landing larger wins without risking hitting a mine too often.


The best Mines casino has to provide so much more than just a Mines game, and we are using our expertise and experience with online casinos to find the top-performing casinos for you.

For a casino to be ranked well as a good Mines casino, they need to pass several tests within our review process.

The best Mines casinos will have a wide selection of games and payment methods and will also process transactions quickly and smoothly.


Spribe is a game provider founded in 2018 and has reached fame among gamblers for their crash game concept and their “Provably Fair” technology.

Their most well-known game is Aviator, which by many is considered the original crash game. Spribe Mines was released in 2020, only two years after Aviator, and is gaining popularity together with several other “turbo games” like Plinko and Dice released by Spribe, all accessible through the in-game menu of Mines.

The cryptography technology known as Provably Fair is similar to the technology used in blockchain, where Spribe’s servers create one-half of an ID, and your device creates another half that, when combined and converted, reveals a confirmation that the game round was fair. You can learn more about their technology under the “Provably Fair Settings” section within the Mines game menu.

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