Mines Games RTP of American Roulette by Netent

Mines Games RTP of American Roulette by Netent

  1. This double-zero roulette variation has a theoretical return to player of 94.74%.

2. NetEnt-powered casinos retain 5.26% of all money wagered on this game, respectively.

3. Players should receive approximately $947 for every $1,000 they wager on American Roulette.

4. Gambling operators will collect the remaining $53. It should be noted major software developers like NetEnt are also entitled to a cut from the profits of their associated online casinos.

These percentages reflect the long-term profits. Some players would win big over the short term, while others would experience heart-wrenching losing streaks that could drain their entire bankrolls.

Players from the second category might be left with the impression the casino has cheated them out of their money by somehow rigging the game or reducing its theoretical return. In reality, experiencing such losing streaks is not unheard of when it comes to gambling.

Anything could happen over the short term with chanced-based games like roulette or slots. Randomness and unpredictability are precisely what casino operators rely on. A truly unpredictable, and therefore, fair game will still return less money than the overall amounts wagered on it in the long run.

All casino games are statistically tilted to favor the house thanks to their rules and payout structure. Long-term losses are practically unavoidable for players even if no one has tampered with the games.


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