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Max Bet Rule at Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Max Bet Rule at Online Mines Games Bonuses Casino

Understandably, in the excitement of picking up a freebie, many players may miss the terms and conditions to a casino promotion. It can get a bit technical sometimes, so it’s no surprise.

However, if you accidentally violate some of these rules, the winnings from your bonus cash risk being cancelled, along with the bonus funds you might still have.

This would obviously be a downer. To avoid disappointment and frustration, we highly suggest that you take at least a glance through an offer’s T&Cs so you know what to watch out for.

In addition to things like wagering requirements and gaming contributions, more and more online casinos have been introducing a max bet rule to their bonus promotions in the last couple of years. As with many items in fine print, not many players truly understand what the max bet rule is. That’s exactly why we’ve set up this page to explain max bet and what it means for players.

To avoid any confusion, the max bet rule we’re talking about is not the max bet within a game. You are probably already aware that a game such as blackjack will have a minimum and maximum stake, and a high roller table can easily have a max bet of up to $500 or even $1,000 for a round. Likewise, while most of us are happy with spending $0.25 or even a loonie on a spin, slots also have minimum and maximum bets that can sometimes go well above $100 per spin.

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