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Key Positions at the Blackjack Table

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Live blackjack tables typically have a semicircular shape and can accommodate up to seven seated players, although most live dealer variants allow you to bet behind (i.e. bet on other participants’ hands) when there are no vacant seats.

There are three key positions at the blackjack table and all of them borrow their names from baseball. Those three seats in relation to the dealer are as follows:


1. First-Base Seat

The first-base seat is the first betting spot on the player’s far right and immediately to the dealer’s left. First-base players are always the first to receive their cards as dealing starts from this position. Respectively, you will be the first to make playing decisions if you take this spot.

2. Third-Base Seat

The third-base seat, also called the anchor, is the last table position at your far left if you are already seated and facing the dealer. Not counting the dealer, third-base players receive their cards last and are also the last to act on their hands.

This spot is ideal for rookies who are still learning basic strategy as they will have plenty of time to make playing decisions without slowing down the game.

3.Shortstop Seat

The shortstop seat is the middle position at the table. Some people prefer it because they believe it enables them to prevent undesirable players to their left from joining the game mid-action.

To our knowledge, there is no specific terminology for the other positions despite the fact blackjack tables can accommodate more than three players at a time.

Other Players’ Decisions Have No Impact on Your Odds

Some people wrongfully assume the decisions of players seated in the first-base and third-base positions can affect the odds of the entire table. The first base, they reason, sets the tone for any given round, while incorrect playing decisions from the third base can improve the dealer’s winning chances.

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