Improving your winning odds in Baccarat Mines Games

Improving your winning odds in Baccarat Mines Games

1. Learn Card Counting

From what we said so far, it becomes clear baccarat is a negative-expectation game. It is impossible for players to overturn the house edge when betting on the three main outcomes (Player, Banker, and Tie). Some variants support optional side wagers like the Easy 6, Super 6, and Dragon 7 that can yield positive expected value but players must learn to count cards to overcome their house edges.

2. Play Eight-Deck Baccarat

One way to improve your odds of winning in the main game is to play baccarat variations that use eight decks. These are broadly available at all online casinos, so the last thing you can complain about is a lack of choice. The house advantage in games that utilize six rather than eight decks is slightly higher for Player (1.26%) and Tie (14.44%) bets.

3. Avoid Tie Bets

We recommend you stick to Player and Banker wagers and altogether avoid betting on the Tie. It is among the worst wagers one can possibly make in a casino as it yields very low theoretical returns. With the Tie, you can anticipate winnings of $85.64 per every hundred dollars you wager in the long run. In essence, you are better off playing online slots than betting on ties in baccarat.

4. Stay Away from Side Bets

Last but not least, we suggest you steer clear of side bets unless you can exploit them to your advantage through card counting. Some of the optional wagers in baccarat surpass even the Tie bet in terms of house edges and can quickly drain your bankroll if you are not careful.

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