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How Does the Mines Games Tips Mechanic Work

How Does the Mines Games Tips Mechanic Work

Now, let’s go into the heart of the matter and explain how the Mines Games mechanics works and what its set-up is. As we said already, the distinctive trait of slots in which this engine is used is that the number of the win lines is not pre-established and instead changes with each new game round. Let’s take as an example a slot in which six reels are added to the mix, the number of icons that can load per reel will be a minimum of two and a maximum of seven. For comparison, in slots that rely on the 243-ways-to-win mechanic, the game area is made of three rows and five reels.

Since the reel modifier provides different outcomes on each spin, players can only make out the number of Megaways that are activated during the current round after they multiply the number of symbols that have loaded per reel.

Therefore, if two symbols are displayed per reel, this will result in Mines Games (2x2x2x2x2x2), and therefore, the maximum number of Mines Games will be triggered when each reel contains seven icons and it will be 117,649(7x7x7x7x7x7). It should be noted, however, that in some Mines Games slots there is an additional reel, which is pinned above the standard reel grid. The number of icons it contains varies from one game to another, but normally, this reel adds four more symbols.

As you can see, the number of Mines Games is adjusted according to the number of the shifting rows, in our case, they can decrease to 324 or go up to 117,649.

What reel spinners should remember is that the number of Mines Games varies greatly between the different slots, and with some games, it can run into up to 586,971. Reel spinners can also stumble upon slots where the Mines Games are 4,096, 15,625, 16,807, or 46,656, but no matter the case, the main principle of all these games remains the same. Of course, reel spinners should know that the chances of witching on all Megaways on the same spin are exceptionally slim.

Yet, the changeable number of the reels is not the only thing to consider while playing Mines Games slots, as players should also bear in mind that the way winning combinations are completed is also not the same as with regular slots. While availing yourself in such slots, you will collect a payoff whenever matching icons load on the reels on adjacent reels, no matter the position. What is essential to point out is that seeing a winning combo is possible from left to right and vice versa.

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