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History of Mobile Casinos Mines Games Easy Win

History of Mobile Casinos Mines Games Easy Win

It took more than a century for the casinos to break the walls of the land based establishments and move to the computers. After that, it only took a few years for them to migrate to mobile phones. 

The first-ever mobile casino game was developed back in 2005 and used JAVA Script language. It was a pretty simple and straightforward game, with rudimentary graphics when you compare to today’s mobile casino games. This game didn’t offer the player any real money returns but rather virtual wins. And since it was developed in Java, it had several technical restrictions on it. However, with the technology improving and demand increasing, mobile casinos and their games become easier to develop as well as accessing them. 

Ever since the first mobile casino game was invented, every software developer wants to come up with a game that can be played on all mobile devices. 

NetEnt software provider was among the first company to release games that were fully mobile compatible. They used what is referred to as NetEnt Touch Technology. BetSoft, on the other hand, developed fascinating 3D slots using their cutting edge SLOTS3, ToGo and SHIFT technologies. With these companies providing the necessary foundation for designing and developing 3D and Touch Screen friendly slots, others followed suit.

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