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High Roller Welcome Mines Games Ph Casino

High Roller Welcome Mines Games Ph Casino

Most online casinos have one welcome bonus that they offer to all new players. After all, the casino has no way of assessing your status before you have even begun your journey.

A few online casinos will put in the extra effort to welcome high rollers. That’s because they know high rollers enjoy playing on a regular basis and it’s not just a thing they do while waiting for a new series on Netflix. For the purpose of claiming these offers, you don’t actually need to bet big.

In any case, the casino has no way of knowing how you play, since you are a new player. If you are willing to make a larger than usual first deposit, the casino will reward you in kind with a larger than usual welcome bonus. If you have the funds and you’re ready to make the commitment, then the deal is all yours.

High Roller VIP Bonus Offers

Another type of high roller bonuses are the extras you can get as a VIP player.

If you’re not familiar with the concept, many online casinos have VIP Programs or Loyalty Clubs. These are usually tiered affairs, with three to six levels to climb, based on your level of activity. As you rise the ranks you get more rewards, including VIP bonus offers. Since these bonuses are being awarded to people who have shown high roller tendencies – that is depositing and betting a lot of money at the casino – it is reasonable to call VIP bonuses high roller bonuses as well.

What sets them apart from other bonuses is that they are only available to players of a certain rank. Great for the snob appeal and the casino account, we’d say!

If you’re a high-rolling VIP member of a casino, you may also be granted higher withdrawal limits and quicker cash outs. Of course, free spins and real world prizes aren’t unheard of either!

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