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Guide Rules and Strategies Mines Games Ph

Guide Rules and Strategies Mines Games Ph

Undoubtedly, Mines Games set is a leading crypto casino known for many games. Among them, Mines Games is slowly becoming a favourite to many. In the Mines Games, the casino offers a better and more exciting version of Minesweeper. Through the game, you use your instincts to enjoy the play for incredible wins.

Since it may not require you to have lots of plans and moves, it could be a choice when you are tired of spinning reels and arranging cards. In this article, we guide you on how to play Mines Games. We also teach you strategies to take some bucks home as you enjoy the moment.

Steps to Play Mines Games is not a game developed by the usual software providers. It is a unique game that is only available at Mines Games. It is part of Mines Games (all in-house mini-games). To play it, follow the below steps: Firstly, open the official Mines Games casino website and register an account. Secondly, log into the account, go to the lobby, and search for ‘Mines.’ When you load the game, key in the stake amount you want to bet. Besides, enter the number of bombs you wish to avoid. Finally, hit the yellow ‘Start Game’ button and start playing.

How Does Mines Games Work?
The Mines Games pays you out based on the principle of evading bombs. Primarily, the game contains 25 covered fields. When you set your stake and the number of bombs/mines in the spaces, you need to start uncovering the fields. It is possible to have as low as 1 bomb, and as many as 24. When you successfully dodge a bomb, a multiplier will appear on that box. At this juncture, you can cash out your bet. However, if you are not able to dodge a bomb, then it will explode, and you will lose your stake.

The multiplier available in this game depends on the number of bombs. The more bombs selected, the higher the risk and the bigger the multiplier. The multiplier is high since it is practically more difficult to avoid a higher number of bombs on the grid. During the play, there is no limit on fields to uncover in a single round of mine. Selecting 25 mines means that every card on the field will have a mine. Therefore, uncovering any of the fields means you lose your stake.

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