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Gambling bet for UK Players

Gambling bet for UK Players

As many as 24 million people in Great Britain gamble and 10.5 million of them prefer to do it over the internet. Credit cards were the preferred method of funding for hundreds of thousands of British players but their use for gambling purposes is no longer possible.

Following an extensive consultation, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) enforced a blanket ban on gambling with credit cards in 2020. The prohibition extends to nearly all forms of gambling one can think of, including:

  • Online sports wagering
  • Online casino gaming and bingo games
  • Online lotteries
  • Lotteries that facilitate purchases over the telephone
  • On-course wagering
  • Retail sports wagering at high-street betting shops
  • Landbased casinos, arcade halls, and bingo rooms

The British gambling watchdog conducted research during the consultation period, establishing that more than 22% of the local online players who funded their casino accounts with credit cards were problem gamblers. The percentage of those at risk of experiencing gambling-related harm was even greater.

These disconcerting findings prompted the local regulator to ban credit card gambling in an attempt to curb addiction and promote more responsible play. The blanket prohibition was announced in mid-January 2020 and came into effect in mid-April of the same year.

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