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Are The Online Mines Games Casino Return to player (RTP) rates?

Are The Online Mines Games Casino Return to player (RTP) rates?

RTP, or the return to payer rate, is the percentage that one player can expect to win back the total amount they have input into the machine. Commonly, you will see the RTP set at nearly the 95% mark. Keeping their win rates high can entice players and make them believe they are not losing all that much money.

When it comes to mechanical slots, such a rate is usually unknown because of the random internals’ nature. However, with online and electronic slots, the RTP is predetermined and written into the software once the game is made. In addition, you can easily find the RTP on most online casinos or through a casino directory site.


Slot volatility, also known as slot variance, equates to the risk you can find in the game. Software providers and online casino players utilize this data to show a game’s risk-vs-reward rate. 

Compared to low-volatility slots, high-variance slots provide more infrequent yet promising payouts. You may experience low-paying and long spins with the latter before reaching a decent payout.

Only a lesser winning number tends to get bigger payouts to compensate and reach the return-to-player rate of the machine. Such wins are activated by triggering a game’s bonus features or matching high-valued symbols.

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